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Founded on 2 October 1964 by the Decree No 685 of the Cabinet Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan and renamed to its present name in 2006, the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan has a 50-year long history with rich traditions.

Over the past half century, the Institution had great achievements in planning of the economy of the Soviet country, development and allocation of productive forces, and following the independence of the country the Institutions has had a creative approach in ensuring sustainable economic development and execution of socio-economic reforms.

Scientific research carried out at the Institute is adjusted to the protect and regulate macro-economic stability, ensure sustainable development, develop the regions and promote entrepreneurship, develop diversified economic areas for the purpose of expansion of the non-oil sector, especially its export potential, as well as the development of housing, utilities and infrastructure, as well as oriented towards preparing models and methods that help draft short, medium and long period forecast and plans.  

The Institution has been successfully acomplishing its glorious and responsible mission while achieving significant success in training human resources through conducting and publication of scientific research works and establishing links and coordinating with domestic and foreign scientific research centers. 

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Prof., Dr. Vilayat VALIYEV, Director of ISRER