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The JOURNAL of «ECONOMY» was founded in 2009 by the ECONOMIC COOPERATION ORGANIZATION (ECO) member states with a view to deveping an effective discussion platform to conduct theoretical and methodological research on solutions to socio-economic challenges to boost the regional development.


Comparative regional and national economic development, sustainable economic growth; transport and communication, trade and investment, industry, energy, environment, agriculture, tourism, human resources, project management; finance and banking; the global financial crisis and regional integration issues are amongst the main objectives of the Journal. 3 issues of the Journal were published during 2009-2011.


In 2012, the Editorial Board was formed with a view to increasing the quality of publications with a special focus on science-practical issues, and the 1st meeting of the editorial board was initiated and organized by the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy in Baku on November 8, 2012 and the 2nd meeting on April 26, 2014.




The composition of Journal’s Editorial Board consisting of 9 members (except Turkmenistan) was approved at the meeting. The Editor-in-Cheif and his deputies were also appointed at this meeting.


Prof., Dr. Vilayat VALIYEV, Director of ISRER (Republic of Azerbaijan) appointed as the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Sailau BAIZAKOV (Republic of Kazakhstan) and Prof. Ejaz GHANI (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) as the Deputies of the Editor-in-Chief.


Two additional issues of the Journal were released in 2012-2014 in the English language. Since, the 5th issue was totally comprised of articles of the Editorial Board members, but the 6th issue highlighted the international event the First «Baku-Forum Conference». Currently, the necesary measurues are taken to ensure the future releases of the Journal.


It should be noted that it was originally founded on the basis of a Treaty of Izmir signed at Izmir, Turkey, in 1977 by Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. However, after the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1985 the Middle East and Central Asian countries joined the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), which bounded them by common goals. Thus, the extension of cooperation in the field of culture and economy, development of a free trade zone, of the goals of regional economic cooperation organization, ensuring the effective functioning of members on a single platform and toher outstanding issues were amongst the key priorities of the organization.





VI issue – 2014

(Full text of the Journal available only in English)


V issue – 2013

(Full text of the Journal available only in English)



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