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In order to ensure the competitiveness, inclusiveness and social welfare of the economy on the basis of sustainable economic development in Azerbaijan, with the aim of promoting investment, free competition environment, access to markets and human capital, the “Strategic Road Maps for National Economy and Main Economic Sectors” adopted by the Decree No.1138 signed by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev on December 06, 2016.


This document identifies the way of development of the 11 sectors of the economy: 

development of oil-gas industry (including chemical products)

production and processing of agricultural products

production of consumer goods at small and medium-sized entrepreneurship level

development of heavy industry and machinery

development of specialized tourism industry

development of logistics and trade

development of affordable housing

development of vocational education and training

development of financial services

development of telecommunication and information technologies

development of utility services (electricity and thermal energy, water and gas) 


The strategic road maps from the point of view of the national economy cover three periods;

short term (by 2020), medium term (until 2025) and long-term after 2025.


Tasks to be performed during above-mentioned period as follows:


Get out of the situation caused because of negative consequence of external shocks: by stabilization, diversification and integration into world economy, increasing competitiveness


Decreasing of poverty by the way of the creation of new jobs, housing supply, education and health services, communal services and crossing from the system of targeted social assistance into rehabilitation;


The fundamental basis of the economic development – the protection of macroeconomic stability, the improvement of business environment, the promotion of investment in private sector and creation of public support sector;


The goal of increasing of foreign direct investments (FDI) in the share of non-oil GDP up to 4 percent by 2025 (at the moment, it is 2.627 percent);


By 2025, to increase GDP per capita from $170 in 2015, up to $450, the creation of additional 150 thousand new jobs, in trade of goods and services, for example, in the sectors of production and tourism sectors; 


The reduction of transfers from the Oil Fund to budget in 15 percent over the period;    


A number of analytic works have done in the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the relevant Working Groups leaded at the ISRER, in line with the implementation of the above-mentioned Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Order No. 41, dated 7 March 2017 signed by the Economy Minister of Azerbaijan.   


The results of the researches, as well as materials of awareness events conducted in ISRER, in line with above-mentioned tasks are presented to interested people through the official website of ISRER.


«Booklet of labor legislation» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri)

«Policy recommendations for establishment of innovationcenters based on international best practice» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri)

«Human Capital Development: theoretical aspects andassessment methodology» (*.PDF) (Available only inAzeri) 

«Study SMEs need in the labor market» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«The methodology for the creation of enterprise modelfor the subject of SMEs in Azerbaijan» (*.PDF) (Available only inAzeri) 

«The methods of thrift production» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«The Enterprise Model Creation Methodology using theMethods of Thrift Industry» (*.PDF) (Available only inAzeri) 

«The Tools of the System of Thrift Production» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«The Methodology of the Creation of Industry Clusters» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«The Methodology for Assessment of the Creation ofIndustrial Zones» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«International Practice for Establishment of Technoparks» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«The Methodology for Independent Expert Assessment toDetermine the Innovation Focus of Technology» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

«A Number of Mechanisms for Stimulating Innovation» (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

      «Small and medium business service areas: offer catalog SMEs service areas: Offers catalog" (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 

         «Investment promotion document: the most important points” (*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 
         «Discounts for the management company and resident of technopark"
(*.PDF)  (Available only in Azeri) 
         «Analysis and making relevant proposals for enterprises to be used for thrift production methods" 
(*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 
          «Quality management system based on ISO thrift" 
(*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri) 
          «The methods of thrift production: Just-in-time manufacturing" 
(*.PDF) (Available only in Azeri)                                                         

          «Saving production methods 5s» (.PDF*)

          «Saving production methods 6 siqma» (.PDF*)                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         «Winemaking - 2 part» (.PDF*)



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