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The idea of elaboratation of collection entitled «AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL ACHIEVEMENTS AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT» was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development (now: Ministry of Economy) in 2009. The main purpose of preparing the collection was to reflect the achievements acquired in economic and social areas in the country and the results from the implementation of state programs.


As an economic-oriented country profile presentation it consisted of presentations containing the detailed information on trade and economic relations, investment environment, entrepreneurship development and other development trends, focused on social, historical, cultural and geographical features, as well as various sectors of the economy (investment, entrepreneurship, regional, etc.) of the country. All the information contained herein, is deemed useful to foreign investors in terms of provision with access to the general information, espacially to the information covering various fields of the country economy and business environment.


Public presentation of the collection prepared in 2011, made with the participation of several ministries, experts and representatives of the scientific community, as well as international financial institutions, scientists, media representatives to communicate to the great audience and attention of the general public.


Then, the special edition of the collection entitled “THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF AZERBAIJAN: 20 years of independence” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the state independence has been prepared and presented for purpose of exhibition.



«Country Presentation»: 20 years

(Preface) (available only in Azeri)


«Country Presentation»: 20 years (Between 1991 and 1994: EconomicDecay Period)

(available only in Azeri)


«Country Presentation»: 20 years (Between 1995 and 2001: Sustainable EconomicDevelopment Period)

(available only in Azeri)


«Country Presentation»: 20 years

(Between 2003 and 2010: Rapid Economic DevelopmentPeriod) (1) 

(Between 2003 and 2010: Rapid Economic Development Period) (2) (available only in Azeri) 



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